Grphsst lls Xhrstns Thllmn:

> --- Jano de Laeftemondes ha crivido:

> > So, how would you explain the fact, that in
> > the League of Nations' "Short
> > Comparative Survey Into The Intelligability
> > Of International Auxiliary
> > Languages" Jovianto ends last, by far?
> > Sheesh, even the Jervans
> > themselves can
> > neither understand nor speak it!
> That's clearly related to the facts that the
> LoN officials deny
> having ever commissioned such a survey,

Absolutely! It's a totally bogus report,
circulated by VOS fanatics in order to hype up
support for their so called IAL. The LoN is
already in our pocket, if truth be told. This is
a typical tactic of VOS International!


Et ters davigaint deck y yaithes 'n el drichlend le Roy Markon;
y cestes d' ils yspoil mors y ddew chaumz e-z-el tons l' organn.