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> I do stand by my claim that, even in the case
> of Romeo and
> Juliet, the vast, vast majority of
> English-speakers could
> not give you plot summaries in the same way
> that many of
> them could of the more well-known events in the
> Bible.

The two are generally approached _very_
differently. Without intending to step on toes,
bible stories are usually taught as a form of
quasi-history, from a _very_ young age in a
sacro-mythical lattice work. Shaxepere, on the
other hand, is taught for a year in High School
English classes to kids much too interested in
nintendo to internalise the plots so thoroughly.

Also, by the time a kid reaches HS, he has had 10
or 12 years of good christian indoctrination to
cement those stories in his mind. I also think S.
ought to be taught via attending actual
performances (live or screen), rather than by
reading him. I mean, it's like joining band and
having to write reports and journals based on
one's copy of the conductor's score, yet not a
single note is ever heard! Music, like
Schaeckspeire, is meant to be experienced via the


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