>>Adam Walker scripsit:
> Speaking of Gaelic (Yes I'm back.  My earthly
> possessions were picked up by the movers 2 days ago,
> so I have time again!) does anyone know when was the
> last time that Gaelic was the majority language of
> Ireland?

Well, it surely was in 1800, and it surely was not in 1900, so
somewhere in there was the tipping point.<<

Well, techically the tipping point would have been earlier than 1800,
whenever the English made it illegal to speak Irish, at the same time they
made it miserable for Catholics. That was probably the... 1700's,
probably? Anyways, the biggest blow to the Irish language, though, was in
the 1840's, during the Potato Famine, when millions of Irish peasants, the
backbone of the Irish-speaking population, either died or emmigrated to
America, England, Canada, etc.


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