Rhean version

Mair yarjukom orpadad: 2578 orpe
Sonra yarjukom orpadad: 2582 orpe

>1. to record
vrita-sacek (vrita - n.)

>The priests record a separate history.
Ofte ucos'ni kronorad vrita-saciz.
priests seperate* history(-ACC) record-v-3PL

*seperate from what?

>2. archive

>Their temples are vast archives.
Cerkvi tok'uta vritadrözi c'ez.
temples vast archives be:3PL

>3. scribe
ekirnok ("writer", no word for a professional "scribe")

>They employ many scribes.
Pugri ekirnokin kyuriz.
many scribes-ACC employ-3PL

>4. ink

>The ink has lead in it.
I smintam rasis anc'e.
in ink-INST lead exist:3SG

>5. insane

>The scribes tend to go insane after a few years.
Sonra kos'i z'ulim ekirnoki malic'u neliz k'anat c'e.
after few years-INST scribes insane-DAT become-3PL tendency be:3SG

>6. to replace
ac'tuak, sustuak, üstor-sacek

>The priests manage to replace the crazy scribes.
Malic' ekirnokit ac'tuak ofte unteg'az.
insane scribes-DAT replace-INF priests "manage"-3PL

>7. to pay

>They must pay them a lot of money.
Zerem du dag' denk tiant platvaz.
certain THAT much money(-ACC) them:DAT pay-3PL

>8. rich

>The church is quite rich.
Yeemadad anbagot c'e.
church* very-rich be:3SG

*an outdated term, as there is no longer an establishment which can be
called "The Church" in Rhea. If we mean that just this one temple is quite
rich, then |Cerkva ...|, but rich temples are few in the modern era.

>9. to write

>I write neatly.
Oicem ekiram.

>10. job
kitrud, propso, ravo

>Perhaps I could get a job as a scribe.
C'ekre du ekirnoka propsot kyuribza c'öm.
parhaps THAT scribe-GEN job-DAT hire-PASS be:1SG:HYP