En réponse à Christian Thalmann :

>I could take that more seriously from someone who doesn't use
>"Jovian" as if it were a nationality.

Don't take pure typos as having any meaning please ;))) .

>I find the idea of gathering IALers together and letting them
>bicker about their idées fixes at point-blank rather amusing.
>It could be IB's substitute for wrestling.  Make sure there are
>plenty of folding chairs and water glasses available.

Unnecessary, as those people are *not* auxlangers in this sense of the
word. They have no business inventing something, just supervising its
evolution. The true inventors are the actual speakers. In many ways,
Narbonido is the Universal Pidgin, about to become a creole :))) .

>In other words, there will be as many versions as there are
>Windows 95 updates, and version mismatches all over the place.

Facts say the contrary. People who adopt Narbonido never feel that they are
in disagreement with other people about it.

>Well, once the community grows beyond 1, there will be...  as soon
>as the first vote ends up with a tight draw, the 47% minority will
>create a spin-off language of their own, which will in turn schism
>again before you can even say "unitato e fraternitato".

This doesn't happen. Those in minority just accept the vote of the majority
and go on with their lives. As I said, most people who learn Narbonido have
no interest in creating a language of their own. And that's the majority of
the people in the world ;))) .

>Don't believe it?  Look at the open source OS market.  Every 1337
>|-|@XX0r swears by his own compilation and disses all the others.
>As a result, it's a terrible mess that you can only see through if
>you're a computer crack.

But the comparison is meaningless seen the facts. The Narbonido community
(which has celebrated its millionth member a few weeks ago, a woman from
the RTC who escaped from a so-called "education camp" of the Venedikanto
movement. Note that the 999999th member was a man who escaped from
seemingly a similar camp, but from the Neo Kernokantopanto movement. They
both told stories of atrocious mistreating, especially of children, chained
to their desks and given 24 hour lessons of their so-called "easy
languages". They report from both sides that no child until now has been
able to grasp even enough vocabulary to say "hello" in those IALs, and that
most just fall into coma, presumably their minds giving up trying to learn
something which is definitely unnatural for them. The authorities of the FK
and the RTC have been warned, and it is expected that they will from now on
consider the NN and Venedino movements as dangerous terrorist groups to be
dismantled, by force if necessary) is strong and united, and has apparently
gone over this idea that one person can be better than everybody else.
Basically, they behave like adults, rather than like children fighting over
their toys ;))) .

And since the Narbonido movement doesn't feel any interest in bickering
over such meaningless subjects, it will go back to its position of silence,
letting people come by themselves to it, as it as perfectly worked until
now. They have no interest in theoretical discussions, and theoretical
demonstrations that their way cannot work don't interest them, just like
Socrates was unimpressed by the man who claimed that movement was
impossible, because to go and touch a wall, you first have to walk half of
the distance towards distance, then half of the distance left, than half
again, etc... ad infinitum, without ever managing to touch the wall.
Socrates, at the end of this brilliant demonstration, just got up and went
and touched the wall :) .

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.