--- Kistovo Gasiro aki:

> Well, Jovianto is silent because it doesn't exist.

Nah, it is also mentioned in the League Of Nations survey, in the sentence: "Oh
yes, there is also a small insignificant auxlang called Jovianto, but nothing
worth mentioning."

> It was a joke made by a
> few Jovian students drunk from this strange liquid they dare call "wine",
> and unfortunately some people (mostly against it) took it seriously.

Ha, wine! Nothing compared to Venedic beer! The only potential use for wine in
the RTC is for calming down the baby!

> As for Narbonido, it is silent because it has no intention to enter in this
> kind of pointless debates. While the "big" ones fight over who's the best
> IAL ever, the One and Only, they forget the speakers themselves, who feel
> quickly betrayed by their leaders and quit the ranks of the Nova
> Neokernokantopanto and Universala Venedikantidino Supersolanova. The
> problems with those two movements is that they behave as dictatures, with
> leaders who pretend to have the solutions for all the problems of the world
> without ever listening to the people who are actually in trouble. On the
> contrary, Narbonido promotes a completely democratic view of the world and
> the auxlang problematic.

Now that sounds like a sympathetic auxlang! Venedikanto Omniversala Supernova
and Venedikanto Intermondiala Superlatinova are exactly like that, only better!
We favour democracy too, and normally we keep ourselves far from discussion
about which auxlang is better or worse. We simply stand above auxlang policies.

> It doesn't claim to be the best IAL ever.

Nor does VIS. That's what makes it even more perfect!

> It has no leader nor single creator, but a council of helpers who are
> democratically elected by anyone who knows enough Narbonido
> to read the election forms (and since Narbonido is designed for maximal
> easiness for everyone, about everyone in the world can read those, and thus
> can vote, and even be elected in the council). And since self-proclaimed
> leaders are usually the worst leaders, by rule only those who didn't ever
> manifest a desire to enter the council can be elected

Ah, I get the picture: Doktoro Gasiro is democratically elected as president
and sole council member by an assembly that consists of one participant,
Doktoro Gasiro! 1-0 for democracy! Look, it seems you have good ideas. Why
don't you give up on your pointless experiment and join the glorious
Venedikanto OS movement? We will happily forgive you your youth sin.

> This way is so effective that independent studies have proven that someone
> joining the Narbonido movement never ever leaves it and stays faithful to
> the language until his or her death.

Well, that is probably going to change as soon as someome actually decides to
join the Narbonido movement.

> And thanks to its decentralised
> nature, the Narbonido movement has survived all the attempts from other IAL
> movements to infiltrate and destroy it. Actually, quite a few of those
> infiltrant have actually abandoned their mission and adopted Narbonido once
> they recognised how poorly they had been treated by the leaders of their
> former IAL movements :)) .

Yes, these Kemrese infiltrants are highly irreliable, indeed! Good for us, bad
for the Kernopeantos.

> If Narbonido is good enough, people will come to it by themselves (and
> they do). If not, it will have been nice for the time it lasted, and people
> will have had a nice experience, meeting other people, learning about other
> cultures, and about tolerance.

That sounds wonderful! Venedino and its descendents are all about tolerance and
mutual respect too. You really should join our ranks!

> As such, you will never see a Narbonido
> speaker bashing other IAL movements.

My point exactly! As I said, Venedikanto's spiritual level is far beyond
auxlang politics, and so, we don't engage in pointless discussions.


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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