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> Oh, I did that for months when I was younger.

Months? Maybe you didn't give yourself enough

> But it just doesn't fit my
> way of waking up. If I want to write down my
> dreams on a notebook, I have
> to get up really as soon as I wake up, because
> my dreams fade very fast.
> But I just cannot do that. I *need* to wake up
> slowly, or I will be unfit for the rest of the
> day.

You could try mulling the dreams over while you
pull yourself together!

> So after a few months
> I abandoned the
> dream-writing thing.


> It hadn't brought me
> anything anyway, and I didn't get
> to remember my dreams better than I do now
> without writing them down.

I've been at it (off and on) for several years,
and am getting to the point where I can dream
quite a story and still recall it after waking.


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