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> John Cowan sikyal:
> > Roger Mills scripsit:
> >
> > > Then there's the famous McCawley couplet:
> > > "They named their child Fafnir"
> > > "They named their child something strange" (This distinction was also a
> > > problem in Kash)
> >
> > I don't understand this, though it reminds me of:
> I believe it's meant to illustrate the contrast between "They named the
> child <name>" and "They named the child <description of name>".

Isn't it supposed to be an example of secondary predication,
such as "They swept the floor clean" (= They swept the floor
such that the floor was clean)?  The two sentences clearly
behave differently:

  "What did they name their child? Fafnir."
  *"What did they name their child strange? Something."
  "What did they name their child? Something strange."

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