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> I just read that the Kassites' language is classed as belonging to
> the "Asianic" group. Google is not helpful in finding out anything
> about this grouping, so I thought I'd ask if anyone here knows
> anything about this. In particular, what other Asianic languages
> are there?

One of my friends who is a Hittitologist over at the OI had
this to say:

        "Asianic" is a term that was extensively used in the early
20th century for the languages of the Near East whose genetic
affiliation remained unknown at that time (read: for all the
languages of the Near East other than Indo-European and Semitic).
Carian and Urartian are the examples of languages that were assigned
this label at some point. A respectful Francophone journal that
passed away in early 70-s was called "Revue Hittite et Asianique".
I am strongly against using the term "Asianic" in modern scholarly
discourse, but it can be still found in some less linguistically
oriented articles.
        I do not know the genetic affiliation of Kassite. Djakonoff
thought that it is related to Elamite, but I cannot say anything
either pro or contra, and I suspect that we know too little about
the language to make such sweeping statements. What I do believe
in is that Kassite underwent an influence of Indo-Aryan Mitannians
at some point in time. In particular, The Kassite Sun-god is called
Suriyash, and the Kassite War-god was called Maruttash.

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