Okay, so I had this dream about a conlang. I was out in
Rinkeby -- a suburb of Stockholm -- looking for the new
indoor pool at Rinkeby Centrum (there is *no* new indoor
pool at Rinkeby Centrum. Actually, there is no indoor
pool at Rinkeby Centrum at all, as far as I know).

Anyway, I was checking out a map of the centre, and to
my surprise, there was a place just beside the indoor
pool called "Wenedyk"! I have *no* idea what they did
at that place. It might have been a store, it might have
been a language center or a cultural center.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to check the Wenedyk
centre out, because some teen was trying to rob me of
my mobile phone. I managed to get out of there by calling
him "khelem" (or something similar), but that also made
him very angry. Then I ran into some arab speaking fellows
who told me that I had forgot the definite article "al-".
"Al-khelem" apparantly meant 'friend', but just "khelem"
meant 'Big Ugly Moron'. :-O

So, Jan, is there a Wenedyk cultural/language centre out
in Rinkeby? :)

Daniel Andreasson