--- Daniel Andreasson skrzypszy:

> Okay, so I had this dream about a conlang. [...]


> Unfortunately I didn't have time to check the Wenedyk
> centre out, because some teen was trying to rob me of
> my mobile phone.

Ah, you see? You shouldn't to have a mobile phone at all!! :)))

> I managed to get out of there by calling
> him "khelem" (or something similar), but that also made
> him very angry. Then I ran into some arab speaking fellows
> who told me that I had forgot the definite article "al-".
> "Al-khelem" apparantly meant 'friend', but just "khelem"
> meant 'Big Ugly Moron'. :-O


> So, Jan, is there a Wenedyk cultural/language centre out
> in Rinkeby? :)

But of course! The R.T.C. has at least one cultural centre in almost every
country. Scandinavia only has more than fifty of these centres, at least one in
every major city. The fact that there was "Wenedyk" written on it suggests that
this place is specialised in language courses; it could, however, also have
been a bar or restaurant, named after the language.
Of course, these cultural centres serve not only the purpose of fulfilling the
curiosity of the local population; they also satisfy the nostalgic needs of the
huge Venedic émigré population (ca. 65,000 in Scandinavia).

I wish I had such dreams...


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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