En réponse à Julien Eychenne :

>Maybe some of you remember me (I guess Christophe Grandsire does),

Hehe, indeed I do. Welcomr back! :))

>  I had
>been on the list for a while last summer. I had written a few words
>about my conlang, sabyukà, which has not grown up since the last time I
>posted here :(. I'll have free time to spend this summer, so I'll be
>glad to take part in the list again :).

Good! Looking forward for your input! :)

>I don't promise to submit a lot of matter, but I hope I'll be able to
>stay for a longer time than last year.

A good way to stay on this list is not to have a life ;))) . Or at least,
not to have a busy one ;))) . Although there are exceptions (me, for
instance ;))) ).

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.