En réponse à Costentin Cornomorus :

>Months? Maybe you didn't give yourself enough

Wasn't worth it...

>You could try mulling the dreams over while you
>pull yourself together!

Already tried...

>I've been at it (off and on) for several years,
>and am getting to the point where I can dream
>quite a story and still recall it after waking.

The point is that I already can do that, if I feel like it. I still have in
my head a good idea of my dream of the quest for the Magic Carrot, and yet
I had this dream more than 6 months ago. I abandoned the dream-writing
thing because it just took time while bringing me nothing I couldn't do

Of course, I don't remember all my dreams the same way, but it depends more
on the phase of my sleep I'm in when I wake up rather than anything else.
For instance, if I wake up naturally rather than by the alarm-clock, I will
already remember my dream better than if I wake up with the alarm-clock.
And I even have some control over what I dream (I very often know I'm
dreaming). The problem is that usually the circumstances in the dream don't
allow me to exercise that much control ;))) .

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.