Is the number 13 cursed? Maybe. If this message shows up twice: yes, 13 is
A good batch. Added fourteen words to the lexicon, even though only six of
them were used here.

Mair yarjukom orpadad: 2582 orpe
Sonra yarjukom orpadad: 2594 orpe

>1. to bow

>One should bow when passing the temple.
Naalot g'ec'at ba tretvak zdubet.
temple(-ACC) pass-2SG COND bow-INF should-2SG

>2. tradition
stakud, ops'ar

>It is a tradition, and traditions tell us where we stand with God
Stakud c'e, ki kunie Yadu tac'amu yezt radaz ai stakudi.
tradition be:3SG , and how god-DAT stand-1PL us:DAT tell-3PL SUBJ traditions

*I almost didn't use "stand" in this metaphoric sense. Is it too similar to

>3. origin
c'ara, zetra

>So you want to know the origin of this tradition? I'll tell you. I don't
¿Toya stakud tai c'aran s'iznek hos'at ve? Lozt radirma. Mu s'iznim.
this tradition its origin-ACC know-INF want-2SG eh ? you:DAT tell-1SG:FUT .
NEG know-1SG

>4. to uphold
zöterak (support); göhözak (preserve, maintain); raatrak (continue)

>But it's a tradition, so I shall uphold it.
Ak' stakud c'e; dazeba raatrirma.
but tradition be:3SG ; therefore continue-1SG:FUT

>5. to encourage
diz'nan kudak

>Everyone I meet encourages me to do so.
Vi enie heram strec'imna paikure diz'nan kudas'.
[**] that-ADV do-1SG meet-1SG-REL everyone encourage v-3SG

>6. lynch mob

>If I don't uphold the traditions, a lynch mob will show up.
Adis stakudin mu zöteram ba ripenz'nokadad unaz'ir.
IF traditions-ACC NEG 'uphold'-1SG COND lynch-mob show-up-3SG:FUT

>7. goodwill
urbut (urbak to wish well, bless)

>8. society
ühic'anz (as a whole)
eroi drav (high society, upper crust)

>I wish to keep the goodwill of high society.
Eroi drav tai urbut akstvak hos'am.
high society its goodwill keep-INF want-1SG

>9. magistrate, judge, elder
smec'nik (judiciary)
c'igunten (obsolete colonial term)
sosuvnok (councillor)

>Perhaps I'll be a magistrate some day.
C'ekre du ihusluz sosuvnok yerem.
perhaps THAT eventually councillor be:1SG:FUT

>10. to honor
seref kudak

>All will honor me and swoon at my name, for I will be famous.
Paikure yant seref kudir ki nap yai mena klec'ir, daze unmenac' yerem.
everyone me:DAT honor v-3SG:FUT and by my name-INST "swoon"-3SG:FUT ,
because famous be:1SG:FUT