For people who like command-line tools, I'd suggest taking a look at
XMLStarlet, home page at To quote the first
sentence of its overview, "XMLStarlet is a set of command line utilities
(tools) which can be used to transform, query, validate, and edit XML
documents and files using simple set of shell commands in similar way it
is done for plain text files using UNIX grep, sed, awk, diff, patch,
join, etc commands."

I've been playing with it for only a little while, but it looks
promising. The command syntax is a bit rebarbative and it can take some
tinkering with options to get the format you want, but once you get used
to it, the programs enable rapid generation of things that might
otherwise take a good bit longer writing XSLT or using other vehicles.


(P.S. I'm still looking for the perfect "XML grep" program. XMLStarlet
includes that functionality and more, but it's a tad clunky. The "xgrep"
program that DecisionSoft includes in their Pathan library is elegant
but very slow on groups of large files.)

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