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> > > * I've got complaints for the same error in German, tho!
> >
> > That might have more to do with the cultural background of
> > the people you were talking with.  I find that many Americans
> > are very risk-averse when it comes to overt interpersonal
> > conflict with people they don't know well.  It can be
> > considered rude to correct people too frequently, depending
> > on the circumstance.
> More to do with cultural background than with than with degree of
> interference with understaning, you mean?


> Also, it seems to me that Englishers tend to hear [dZ_0] as /dZ/ rather
> than /tS/. Nativers?

That is the case. This is what you would expect if the contrast
in English is more between aspirated and nonaspirated than between
voiced and voiceless.

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