En réponse à Chris Bates :

>I am good at the structure of languages or really just complicated
>systems in general, I love mathematics, computers, strategy games,
>languages, all kinds of things like that (Don't you work as an engineer

I am indeed an engineer :) . I also love maths and computers (but not so
much strategy games. I prefer adventure games, and am a fan of Zelda :)) ).

>  What I find fun about learning languages or designing them
>is the grammar more than the actual sounds, I enjoy more experimenting
>with the rules.

Exactly like me :) .

>  I am also very much left handed, The coordination of my
>right hand is bad and I favour my left in most things which need more
>than basic coordination.

Same here :)) .

>  I can pronounce most sounds I've tried now
>(with a few exceptions, I've always had difficulty with r sounds
>different from the two I learned when I was young: the english r and the
>french r since I was taken to france often when I was younger, and I
>can't manage ejectives or ... what's the opposite again?).

Implosives. As for r sounds, it took me two months to manage the Spanish r
(never had a problem with the English one :) ). I still can't make clicks
or pharyngeal or epiglottal sounds (I just can't manage anything past the
uvula except glottal stops and fricatives), and still have difficulties
with ejectives and implosives. But most pulmonic consonants are no problem
for me. I'm still a bit clumsy with central vowels :) .

>  The r sounds
>are really a pity, since I'm trying to learn spanish and I just can't
>manage a spanish r at all, although I don't have any problems with
>dental fricatives anymore, I can lisp with the best of them lol.


>Just thinking... maybe I should learn an asian language lol, since a
>lot of them don't even have r, they only have an l.

Except Japanese, with r but no l ;))) .

>  Oh, and I should
>avoid irish at all costs.

LOL! For a long time I had problems with palatalised consonants, but now I
can produce them rather well ;)) .

Hehe, maybe our similarities come from the fact that we have the same first
name (in our respective L1s) as well as the same lateralisation ;)))) .

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.