Roger Mills sikyal:

> JS Bangs wrote:
> > John Leland sikyal:
> >
> > > Incidentally, does anyone know the X-sampa spellings for the sounds I
> > > spell in Rihana-ye tl and hl? (I can only say they are pronounced as
> > > spelled.)
> >
> > Most likely [tK] and [K]. Voiceless lateral fricatives is [K].
> In a lot of American Indianist work, you'll see "tl" written as a l.c.
> lambda with a little crossbar on the ascender.  I thought this had made it
> into IPA, but am not sure and I don't have time to look now.

IIRC, this can be an IPA symbol for this sound. I was just using XSAMPA.

> >
> > [tK] is a neat sound.
> Yes.  BTW didn't _sikyal_ in your heading used to be _sikayal_?  A recent
> Vowel Deletion Rule, or have I been misreading it all along???? :-)))

It did used to be _sikayal_. The change, however, is morphological, not
phonological, and happened many months ago, at least. Nouns ending in -a
now lose that -a before adding a verbal morph, so _sika_ 'writing, written
language' > _sikya_ 'to write', of which _sikyal_ is the past tense.

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