Here is a very delayed Vocab 5. I finally decided that I may as well
send it partly completed, rather than spend forever agonizing over the

 --- Christopher Wright ha tera roha a:

> This is dedicated to the stereotypical vacation.
> 1. vacation

> I had two weeks of vacation.
uti ha ki noa iyomeo kurikosa a
I PAST have 2 PL-week vacation STATEMENT.

> 2. ocean

> I went to the ocean.
uti ha ira ma sani a.
I PAST go to ocean STATEMENT.
(Wow!!! I had all these words already!!!)

> 3. rain

> It rained a lot and was very cold.
roha ha noku siri ti ha tu noku hamu a.
it PAST much rain and PAST be very cold STATEMENT.

Does it make sense if I have one word that means
"much, many, very", depending what it's modifying?
That's what |noku| is currently, anyways.

> 4. market

> The open-air market remained open, though,
ara kanakana nekoi ha yesoku tiira,
but outside market PAST remain open,

> and I had fun haggling.
ti uti ha nemoera mekoisa a
and I PAST enjoy bargain STATEMENT.
> 5. ripoff

> I was the victim of many ripoffs, [to the amusement of the vendors.]
uti ha tu tesemo ro noku imokiko a.
I PAST be victim of many PL-ripoff STATEMENT.

> 6. drunk
> I became drunk on the obligatory tourist-unfriendly drink.
Skipping.  Doesn't make sense for the kids who speak
Ikanirae Seru, and "obligatory tourist-unfriendly" is too
tough for me.

> 7. to vomit

> I vomited profusely.
uti ha noku houko a.
I PAST much vomit STATEMENT.

> 8. temple
atayakasi (lit. god-house)

> I enjoyed <worshipping at | seeing> the many temples there.
uti ha nemoera koimu noku yatayakasi noya a.
I PAST enjoy see many PL-temple there STATEMENT.

> 9. money
> I ran out of money after a week and a half.
Skipping just because.

> 10. to return
=go/walk back: ira/siore hinaru

> I had to return on foot.
uti ha tuko siore hinaru.
I PAST must walk back.

> 11. blister
> I am covered in blisters.
Skipping just because.

> ~Wright

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