Absent Root Letters
Sometimes one of the letters of a c'juun iinhinny root is marked by an
absence. The most common of these is c-#-y-m ‘speak’. If the absent letter
would have been a consonant between two vowels, the vowels are merely
pronounced adjacently. If the absent letter would have been a vowel between
two consonants, an epenthetic schwa (<’>[8]) is inserted between the two
consonants. Thus c-#-y-m becomes i..iim [i:_0im] (VVC), but c’yuun
[c8ju:\_n] (C’CV)

A Linguo-Cultural Note
Note that in Water Language (c’yun iinhinnny) syntax someone always does
something. There are no intransitives and therefore everything is the fault
of someone. This leads to many vendettas.


Beauty  k-m-hng-hy
Boy             g-b-hw-h`
Carry           m-hw-j-c
Girl            h`-hy-?-hh
Give            c-hng-w-hw
Go              ny-j-k-m
Harvest                w-hny-v-hm
Hate            hy-hy-ny-k
Hear            j-h`-ng-ny
House           g-g-hny-?
Hunt            #-hh-?-b
Kill            hy-hny-b-ny
Land            ?-m-hw-hy
Listen          hy-hh-hy-h
Love            w-b-c-hm
See             ng-hny-hng-f
Seize           ny-hw-hh-?
Speak           c-#-y-m
Swim            m-y-hh-y
Take            hy-b-?`-?`
Water           ny-h-hny-ny

"commune id vitium est, hic vivimus ambitiosa
"this is our common fault; here we live in ostentatious poverty"
Juvenal, Satires 3.182-3

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