Hello folks.

I was reading an old diary today and I found a curious remark.  It was 2nd
February 1990.  I had just graduated from High-school (Dec 89), and
finnishing some Math training in January.  It was my second idle day for a
time and I wrote:

I don't even know what I could say I did today.  Well, to inquire what can
be done about the driving license, to create a new language to combine with
the alphabet I made a time ago, to try to write something in the computer,
to go to my granma's, to whatch _Yellow Submarine_ and _Gorky Park_, then
the conclusion of the match between Colombia and Uruguay, and for last, to
sit down and write in a notebook what little happened to me during the day.
(free translation by the author from an original in Spanish)

I now wonder: do I have a date when I begun to conlang?

-- Carlos Th