Padraic asked:

> --- Carlos Thompson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > to create a new language to combine with
> > the alphabet I made a time ago,
> > I now wonder: do I have a date when I begun to
> > conlang?
> I don't know - what about the alphabet you
> created earlier? Isn't that part of conlanging?

I have not traditionally seen that alphabet as proper conlanging.  It was
inspired for cryptography purposes: a way to write Spanish and avoid
ocational eyedropers to know what I was writing.

Well, that first conlang, was also some kind of kryptolang too.  Not a relex
of Spanish though.

Look at for a text originally written circa
1999, explaining how I begun to conlang.  The fact is that creating new
words and grammar came later and I did not suspect I could have a date for
that happening.

-- Carlos Th

For the alphabet in question:

And for the language: