Julien Eychenne sikyal:

> Peter Bleackley a écrit :
> > What are "emphatic" consonants? The Language Construction Kit says "Don't
> > ask", but that only makes me want to know even more!
> Emphatic consonants are pharyngealised consonants, i.e consonants
> followed by pharyngeal constriction. To produce a pharyngeal
> constriction, you must retract the root of your tongue. You can listen
> to pharyngeal consonants of Hebrew on this page :
> from Peter Ladefoged's homepage. From the same page, you can listen to
> pharyngealised consonants of Arabic :

Thanks for these links! It's a delight to finally be able to hear Arabic
consonants as they are supposed to be, and I was pleased to find that my
previous attempts to make pharyngeal sounds had actually been fairly
successful. I was surprised at how dramatic the vowel allphony in Arabic
is, though. The unpharyngealized /a/ sounds like nearly [E] to my ears.

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