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> > Conjunctions are often divided into two in Swedish:
> > subjunctions and conjunctions
> > subjunctions are such conjunctions that introduce a subclause.
> > ("subordinating conjunctions").
> >But the book I'm refering did not, as far as I can recall.
> Ok. In Finland's Swedish schools, learning this distinction is considered
> for some reason important.

I believe it was touched in my Swedish classes, but not considered to make
them two different parts of speech. As for importance, well, in impression
very much was that formal grammar was not considered important at all in
Swedish class, but they had to teach it because the cirriculum said so. They
presented the material, but there was little checking if you had learnt

> > I guess you could have a class of postpositions separately from
> prepositions
> > in Swedish too, but they're extremely rare (the only one I'd ever _use_
> > postpositionally is "förutan").
> >There's a couple more, like _igenom_ with periods of time, eg _medeltiden
> >igenom_.
> Yeah, forgot about that one. Not one I'm likely to use though. I also recall
> _emellan_ eg _oss emellan_, perhaps also _utöver_? (Not sure about that one.
> A vague feeling of linguistic dissonance emerges when I attempt pronouncing
> it postpositionally).

_Utöver_ as postposition? In my idiolect, definitely no. Might you be thinking
of _därutöver_, which is not an adposition, but some kind of
adverb? "Prepositionaladverb", I think the Germans call it.