At 09:40 07/23/2003 -0400, Huntzinger, Hugh A [AMSTA-AR-CCL-D] wrote:
>My first real introduction to the overly friendly Little Cayman Nassau
>Groupers was a dive where I was looking for some little stuff, when I felt
>*something* caress my inner thigh.  I look down to see a 2+ft long grouper
>staring up at me from between...and just knees...Whoa!!

that's sounds like Jerry!  It swam between my legs to my chest.  It was
such a ham for photos:

My second photo was successful in slowing down his advances:
>First, a couple of years ago, one of my Cayman trip reports commented on
>there being an "unsual" number of groupers on Ben/Jerry/Charlie's normal
>hangout - - there were over a dozen of them, and they were all acting
>suspiciously "friendly" towards divers.  What I found out was that DM's from
>the Agressor were modifying their behavior, by helping the groupers hunt
>squirrelfish in coralheads, in exchange for them tolerating being petted by
>the tourists.  Their tolerence varied.

You got that right, moreso I make it a point to be where the aggressor is
when it docks in LYB, because there are a number of predators there:
sharks, jacks, large groupers that normally do not habituate the area of
the bight until the Aggressor ports.  Here 3 6' Caribbean reef sharks
trolled around, and possibly jerry too showed up.

sorry folks for now the blow up and zip files do not work.

>Second, on fish contact in general, I generally think it's a bad idea to
>purposefully go about wiping their protective coating off.  This doesn't
>mean "No" contact whatsoever, but merely the use of some common sense:
>light, infrequent contact is similar to the routine bumping and rubbing that
>they do on their own, but having "everyone" do some petting (contact
>frequency) or to have a a "dishrag"-like wipe (contact intensity...possibly
>possible with gloves?) should be avoided.  Like everything else in life,
>moderation is the key.

Moderation! Concur 100%