I remember this Cuda from before 2002, haven't seen him since.  Nowadays,
the big cudas are no more than 4-5' range.

At 11:40 AM 7/17/2003 -0400, Huntzinger, Hugh A [AMSTA-AR-CCL-D] wrote:

>So back on the boat, we took the height of this diver and added his fin
>length and got roughly 7'6" 25% water magnification error here!  And
>since geometrically, we knew that the cuda was behind the diver meant that
>he had to be longer than 7'6", we rounded up to 8ft.  It could have easily
>been 9ft or more, but we didn't know how far behind the diver the cuda was
>to really say for sure.
>But when a big cuda is looking at his reflection in your mask from 11.9
>inches away, even an 8 footer is more than big enough!

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Marv Gozum
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