Good idea.

I have no qualms using silica gel, just isn't as easy to get a hold of as
the method you mention below.  Its less predictable as if and when the gel
saturates, you'll find out when the lens fogs during a dive :(  During the
high humidity environment of summer and the southern hemisphere, dessicants
will saturate eventually when repeatedly exposed and reused without time to
desaturate, which maybe impossible in conditions at dive boats.

Now, if I could have a packet of reusable ones that I can prep for ready
use and easy to get a hold off, I would use them preferrably, any ideas?

At 02:44 PM 7/24/2003 -0400, Carl Heinzl wrote:
>Try taking along one of the attachments with a trigger to "squirt" air that
>hooks to you lp hose and use that to help "flush" out the camera housing
>just prior to closing it.  It will help remove some of the humidity in there
>because the air in the tank is very dry.
>What do you have against using the silica gel packs?

Warm regards,

Marv Gozum
Philadelphia PA