Yes, I do all the time, and it sometimes finds me when at other dive sites,
its a Nassau Grouper named Jerry, its partner Ben was eaten last
year.  They are estimated to be 10-20 years old.  Grouper fishing is now
banned in LYB.

This trip we managed to tame 2 other Nassau groupers, and there is a 8"
baby-jerry now following 3' Jerry Sr. around.  In this last trip, J was at
a cleaning station hanging vertically while finning.  Knowing groupers
often settle to the bottom or between corals using their pectoral fins, I
gently took Jerry's pectoral fins in hand, and supported him.  Feeling the
fins resting on my hands and its total trust in a stranger is an emotional
moment.  I stopped eating grouper 3 years ago when I first encountered
them.  I later took his place at the cleaning station and let the cleaning
gobbies run up my arm.

At 08:54 AM 7/15/2003 -0400, crystalm wrote:
>I remember that guy (Tarpon) at Buddy dive.
>There is also a grouper in Little Cayman that likes to be pet and likes
>attention so much that he could almost be a pain in the but if it wasn't so
>unique to have a clingy grouper around.  We met him this past February - he
>is about 2.5-3 feet long or so (I am zoning on his name at the moment - I'll
>have to get it from my dive log).  Anyone else met that grouper in Little

Warm regards,

Marv Gozum
Philadelphia PA