We were using an Olympus PT-010 lexan housing for the Olympus C-3030.
 This housing
does fits just around the camera, but, there *definitely* is room for
one of those silica
packs in there.  If I were to put one in I'd probably make sure I
affixed it to one side,
just to make sure it didn't shift and find it's way in front of the
lens! :^)

Now that the camera and housing are gone (sold them), I'm trying to
decide whether to go
with the Olympus C-5050 or the E-20N.  Or... any other recommendations
out there
for other digital cameras and housing combinations.  The one caveat is
that this time
I want there to be an external strobe.  So, the housing(s) I'm looking
at the for
C-5050 or E-20N are the Light & Motion housings. I've used their video
housings for
quite some time and have been pretty happy with them.


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>i'm with don...i have the canon s330 also.  when i leave my hotel room which
>is air conditioned, i leave the case open with the camera removed.  it almost
>immediately exhibits condensation from the cooled hotel room, but by the time
>i'v finished breakfast or just as i get on the boat, everything is it the same
>ambient temperature and the condensation has disappeared.  at that time, i
>seal everything up in the case and don't remove it until i'm back in my hotel
>room.  i've never had a problem or needed the anti-condensation liquid that
>canon supplied with the camera.
>i believe the case offers a bit of magnification, so that anyone who is
>interested can preview my pix right thru the case while on the dive boat.
>as far as the silica gel is concerned, i don't believe it would fit into most
>dive cases as they are usually very tight to the camera body and have lots of
>moving parts...i think it would be a bad idea to try and cram one of those
>packets ino a u/w case.
>btw, anyone have any experience with canon's latest, the s-400?