> 1. Three birds are flying.

shaechmm ianle dri.

> 2. Goquim is a simple language.

gah satritan mm dethe iamkuchtel.

> 3. There were many beautiful trees in the garden.

tgah vorche ikelir dgitch getcheeku.

> 4. I am learning Satritain.

dyergichkemm satritan.

> 5. My name is Luther Blissett.

gahmm keichke iluther blissett

> 6. Where is the book?

ard qa.

> 7. You are coming with me.

kpravaje ikewit.

> 8. Are you coming with me?

kpravaje ikewit qa.

> 9. What is the name of that city?

gahmm keich isudreshda qa.