--- Padraic skrzypszy:

> > (I'm a fanatic drinker of milk, ya know...).
> Excellent! I'm with you on that one!


> Whose Buick? It seems strangely out of place to
> see on old Buick in the middle of pictures of the
> town with all the scooters, mercedes, etc.

It's my brother's. When he had some money a few years ago, he just decided to
realise a youth dream and bought this 1966 Buick. His "normal" car is a BMW,
though. And on this occasion, in case their would be rain, we had a white
Mercedes as a reserve, too.

> Perhaps I missed the explanation, if there was
> one: why a museum? At first I thought those were
> pictures of the reception; but then I recalled
> someone said you married in a museum.

Yes, we had our civil marriage in the museum. I consider it the most beautiful
building in my native town Hoorn (and it faces a statue of Jan Pzn. Coen, a
colonial beast from the past whose nickname was "IJzeren Jan").
And the church we rented for the reception, the dinner and the after-party.
Odd, isn't it? :)

> Also, what > were you two writing on? Is it the marriage
> certificate? Is it usual to sign such things in
> Dutch weddings?

Yes, it is. The two spouses and at least two witnesses (in our case four).

 --- Christian skrzypszy:

> You make a pretty couple.  =)

Thanks! :))

> But the "social games" creep me out.  Remind me never to marry in public!
> ;-)

Oh well, I'm not too fond of protocol either, but I must admit that it is nice
to go through it one time in your life, surrounded by all your beloved ones,
and being the center of all attention. Also don't forget that protocol is
something that can be played with! ;))


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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