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> Staving Thomas Wier:
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> > > One of the verb affixes is called "infinite".  Is that a
> > > typo for "infinitive", or is it some kind of tense used for
> > > general truths and timeless static situations?  The latter
> > > would be cool, but I somewhat doubt it was the intention.
> >
> >If so, the traditional name for such a tense is "gnomic".
> What a wonderful name for a tense! Presumably, an elvish language should
> always include a gnomic tense.

Hm, unfortunately, Quenya uses a tense called "aorist" for that. And if I
recall my Greek correctly (fat chance!), that means etymologically much the
same as "infinite".

Standard example: The Quendi are _i carir quettar omainen_ "those who form
words with voices".

My Elvish lang uses the uninflected verb for that. Given its most common
function, a traditionalist western philologist would undoubtedly named
it "imperfect".