Isidora Zamora scripsit:

> In the section on diacritics, is the underscore part of the X-SAMPA
> transcription,


> BTW, what does X-SAMPA stand for?

Extended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet.  SAMPA was devised by
and for the Speech Assessment Methods project, but has seen much wider use.
X-SAMPA is an upward compatible extension of it to cover the entire IPA.

Most people on this list find the use of { and } in X-SAMPA annoying, and
employ & for ae-ligature (X-SAMPA {).  This overlaps with the use of & in
X-SAMPA for OE-ligature, but this sound is rare anyhow, and a variety of
ad-hoc methods are used for it.  The symbols u\ and i\ are used by some
in place of } and 1 respectively.

It is also common to use ' instead of " for primary stress, and " or , for
secondary stress.  This rarely if ever conflicts with their X-SAMPA uses.


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