Wilhelm Ulrich Schlaier wrote:
> here are some vennish folk sayings (frankly I dont even know what
> they mean and I made them up).
> 1. Gloo sisk ind ce fihnd sisk.
>     forget yourself and you(will) find yourself.
> 2. Maldihneeawn uhs nihk ne noor-etuh aduh prihl woobm.
>    (at) mountain's(neuter) top (,) no-place to-go exept down.
> 3. Doots vermetawv ekwih fyooshch g oonts vermetaw.
>     2 rabbits(neuter) is gooder than 1 rabbit(neuter)
> #'s and thier names(all #'s before this that are diffrent are
> canceled and
> replaced with these).
> one=oonts two=doots three=tres four=kwawts five=seenks
> six=sayz
> seven=seeyet eight=awktoo nine=nooev ten=noonts eleven=oontsay
> twelve=dootsay
> thirteen=tresay fourteen=kwawtsay(ect.) twenty=dootsnoontsee
> twentyone=dootsoontsee(ect.) onehundred=noonoonts twohundred=noodoots
> threehundred
> fortyfive=nootreskwawtseenksay
> thats enough for now. any suggestions would not only be appreciated
> but very,
> very helpful indeed.

Do you have a background for Vennish worked out?  I notice that some
words seem connected to English/Germanic equivalents (like fihnd
"find"), while some seem French/Latin/romance like (I remember nomen
"name" from a pervious post, and some of the numbers rather remind me
of French.)  Is there an explanation or a story behind this?

By the way, I find the spelling of Vennish rather difficult to read.


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