It's good that you are building a Zulu list. I will
be sending you one of mine -- direct to you.

For those who find the Zulu a bit puzzling, it is
important to know that the infinitives of verbs
begin with uku- and that various noun sets begin
with such thing as ili-, etc. With this in mind, and
some knowledge of the Zulu phonetics, many
cognates (borrowings - largely via English)
become easily recognizable.

I am perhaps the only designer of an IAL who
has worked on vocabulary choices for many years
with a Zulu dictionary among those books that I
can easily reach at all times, without getting up.

There are those who seem to think this a silly thing.
Zulu has even been the butt of IAL-related jokes.
This is rather sad, IMO.

I see Zulu as a good guide to what widesp! read words
(largely English) have seeped into many languages
of Africa. Incidently, languages like Lingala and Wolof
provide similar windows for the many words of French
origin in the languages of Sub-Saharan Africa. There
is Portuguese and Arabic also widely scattered.

All this is IMO important to know, and limits/modifies
the logical vocabulary choices.

Regards, LEO

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Dear Leo,
I thank you for your very important personal ! message sent out
I am preparing a detailed answer, a nd concerning Uzbek,
a message in AUXLANG
I thank you for answering my message about the test too


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