Donald J. HARLOW wrote:

> Hmmm? I haven't heard this particular criticism of Ido from any of my
> fellow Esperanto speakers, and wouldn't mind following up on it. Could you
> tell me where I could find it, please?

In my opinion ido is easy where they say esperanto is complicated:
esp: Ili iris en la novajn domojn
ido: Li iris en la nova domo.
en: They went into the new houses.

esp: martelo - marteli; kombilo - kombi
ido: martelo - martelagar; pektilo - pektar
en:  hammer - to hammer; comb (noun), to comb (verb)

James has said that he finds Ido easier than Esperanto. I have got to
believe him. The way I understand this is that Ido and Esperanto attract
different people, and I think that is just fine. Everyone can get the
language wich is best suited to that individual, and as the two
languages are mutually understandable they can complete eachother.

I personally find Esperanto easy where Ido is difficult and vice versa.
But I already know Esperanto so well that I get interferences when
trying to learn Ido. I have given it up.

Kjell R