Donald J. HARLOW wrote:

> Je 08.25 ptm 2003.08.28 +0200, Kjell REHNSTROM skribis
>> Donald J. HARLOW wrote:
>>> Those translating the Harry Potter books into Esperanto will find it
>>> very
>>> difficult to correctly interpret Ron Weasley's comment about this
>>> planet to
>>> Lavender Brown in "The Goblet of Fire" ... ;<)
>> Interesting. Where is it? I have the Swedish translation of that book.
>> Could be interesting to see what Ms Gedin made out of it.
> In the class on divination at one point, Lavender Brown and another girl
> are oohing and aahing over the horoscopes they are studying, and Lavender
> makes some comment about the position of the planet Uranus in her
> horoscope
> -- at which point Ron Weasley interjects: "Oh, can we see Uranus,
> Lavender?" Which the teacher overhears, resulting in extra homework ...
> The joke, for English speakers, is that the name of the planet is usually
> pronounced the same as "your anus". Although, as a poem in "The
> Magazine of
> Fantasy & Science Fiction" once insisted,
> "...but all that is classically pure in us
>  Insists that it be pronounced 'Uranus'."

Like a similar Swedish joke.
Question: Who was the first Roman emperor who was gay?
Reply: It was "just in i anus".
(It is pronounced: Iustiniánus.

in i = into.

The rest should be clear to the reader.

Kjell R