Je 01.41 ptm 2003.08.29 -0400, Leo MOSER skribis

>[This is not said to run down Esperanto, which also could
>serve such a function, but not to the same degree.
>Incidently, I agree with some Esperantists who say that
>Ido can be too picky, i.e., make more distinctions than
>are necessary, but in order to sort out ambiguities,
>such "pickyness" may be just the right thing.]

Hmmm? I haven't heard this particular criticism of Ido from any of my
fellow Esperanto speakers, and wouldn't mind following up on it. Could you
tell me where I could find it, please?


Pasis longa voj'
Iri ĉi tien de for;
Pasis longa temp',
Sed alvenas mia hor' ...