Elyse wrote:

>I think there is a word missing in the English semantic space that would apply
>to these geese, and the city pigeons and wrens that pick up crumbs underfoot
>and you almost need to be careful not to step on them. Sort of the opposite
>of feral. ("Weeds" or "pests" doesn't quite work, either...)

FWIW, wild geese in Chinese are "ying1" while the domesticated
version are "e2". They (les Chinois) then think that our pigeon/dove
distinction is weird.  Grass/weed and mouse/rat also go
undistinguished, at least in conversation (i.e. "weed" and "rat" can
have separate words, but they're seldom used in contrast to "grass"
and "mouse" which are the most frequently used for both concepts).

There's also Latin "sus" vs. "porcus".

And in English we have "turkey" (fowl) vs. "wild turkey" (bourbon).