Hidy-ho, neighbors and neighborettes.

I have a couple or three questions about the langs in
the subject line.

First, any comments on this historical tid bit are
welcome.  In my continuing quest for the historical
and linguistic knowledge needed for my Carrajena
project I have been reading up on al-Andalus and the
Reconquista these past few days.  I have decided that
Carrajena may experience a period of rule from
Aragon-Catalunya in the early 14th century.  This will
mean an influx (not sure how significant) of terms
from Catalan.  This suits me just fine since I find
Catalan rather interesting.

In reading about the Spanish need for colonists to
repopulate the areas of al-Andalus they were busy
conquering and depopulating I found that many of these
colonists came from southern France, but some also
from Italy and as far afield as England.  This would
give me reason to import some Provencal loans words
into C-a.

I have some useable resources on Catalan, but I would
much appreciate recomendations on useful dictionaries
of Provencal (especially but not limited to Midieval

Secondly, I found it rather interesting how many
opportunities Araon missed to expand at Castiles
expence and am tinkering with the idea of letting
Aragon make good on some of these opportunities.
Specifically I am concidering letting Aragon NOT
Castile capture Toledo, Alarcos, Murcia and Jaen.
This would not only give Aragon-Catalunya increased
territory, but overlordship of Granada.  It would also
give Catalan a larger linguistic territory.

Now, at this point, I have a question.  How did Old
Aragonese stand in relation to Old Castilian and Old
Catalan.  I believe that currently there isn't much of
a Aragonese dialect remanaing and what there is is
highly Castilianized.  What was the Aragonese of 1300
like? Was it rather Castilian-ish?  Sort of Cataluyan?
 Somewhere in between but leaning more one way or the

Now, one final question: how plausable would it be for
the Aragon to become Catalanized under the above
"historical" conditions?

Well, that's it for now.  I should have some more info
to post on the history of C-a over on conculture as
soon as the IB test is over and maybe some new
translations to post here real soon.

Adam the long winded and everinquisitive

Il prori ul pa雝veju fi dji atexindu mutu madji
fached. -- Carrajena proverb