--- Peter Bleackley wrote: > Reading Greenberg's list of universals

> I'd be interested to know how many universals other people's conlangs
> violate, and whether this came about naively or deliberately.

As far as I can tell, Ikanirae Seru only violates universal 9:

"Universal 9. With well more than chance frequency, when question
particles or affixes are specified in position by reference to the
sentence as a whole, if initial, such elements are found in
prepositional languages, and, if final, in postpositional. "

Was my violation of the universal deliberate?  Well, at age 10 or 11, I
thought I was being very innovative by inventing a question particle,
or "spoken question mark".  So I did set out to do something different.
 But as I had no idea that there were actually real languages that had
question markers, it definitely wasn't Universal 9 that I set out to
defy.  I likely didn't even know there were languages with

It is only a "well more than chance frequency" universal.


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