On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Peter Bleackley wrote:

> Some work is still needed on this, and any suggestions are welcome, but as
> you can see, we can already replace the chaos of English orthography with
> the simple, logical

Simple and logical, maybe, but human certainly not :)

> tiu tbvii euowv nveuot tiu tbvii, hdvat ihv hdvey tkwbvehthxeynv:
> hqwbvehdvewv it ihv nveuoeuotbvwlvewv inv hdvey nbvainvtv tiu hiuhfey
> hdvey hwlinkvhv anvtv awveuowbs euohfv aiuotwveetxvhxviuh
> hfeuowvtwxviuiunv, euowr tiu teetk auauwvnbvhv akvenvht a hii euohfv
                                                Shouldn't ^ by ey?*
> twviutbeywlhv anvtv tbvai euotbeoueouhvinkv envtv hdvenbv.

* For those not using fixed-width fonts, it's pointing at the a in 'a

Arrgh! I could not for the life of me decode 'twviutbeywlhv' (because iu
usually occured in 'tiu', I'd erroneously taken it tiu bii a diphthong and
so was saying /tSri\u\p@lz/... what's that?). And shouldn't it be
'twviutbveywlhv'? It looks like line noise. I'm guessing your intention is
not to have this used for every-day communication like, say, the IPA, but
it's way to verbose and doesn't have enough redundency in it.

Aaa! Ai tkiuod nauot fhey hdvey laif eyhfv meyi tveykeyoiuotv
'twviutbeywlhv' (tbveytkaouhv 'iu' cwziyiyoxhveywleyi eykeotv inv 'tiu',
aitv eywveyoiuonveyieyhwley teitkeynzv eyt to be ey tvifhdhauonkv anv
seyoiuo wauohv seicwvinkz txhwviyiyotkeylwhv... [kb]wvauoth dhat?).

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