Staving Andreas Johansson:

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> > tiu tbvii euowv nveuot tiu tbvii, hdvat ihv hdvey tkwbvehthxeynv:
> > hqwbvehdvewv it ihv nveuoeuotbvwlvewv inv hdvey nbvainvtv tiu hiuhfey hdvey
> > hwlinkvhv anvtv awveuowbs euohfv aiuotwveetxvhxviuh hfeuowvtwxviuiunv,
> > euowr tiu teetk auauwvnbvhv akvenvht a hii euohfv twviutbeywlhv anvtv tbvai
> > euotbeoueouhvinkv envtv hdvenbv.
>And thereby the competition for the 2003 Andreas Award for the Ugliest
>Orthography would appear to be settled.
>Question: isn't reduplicating the whole polygraph a bit much to indicate vowel
>length? Redublicating the i/e/a would seem to be sufficient.
>Also, couldn't you let nasals and approximants be voiced by default? That
>would allow you to skip alot of "v"s. Actual voiceless nasals and approximants
>could be be indicated by -v, for "voiceless" (not that it doesn't indicate
>voiceless sounds in certain languages too).

But surely that would introduce an inconsistency into the scheme, with an
arbitrary distinction between consonants that were voiceless by default and
those that were voiced by default?

Two points-

1) This isn't entirely meant seriously.
2) awveuowbs is a typo for awveuowbvhv.