On Wed, Sep 10, 2003 at 12:26:00PM +0200, Andreas Johansson wrote:
> g0miileg0's orthography isn't among the most aesthetically appealing
> I've seen, but beyond the use of "0" as a letter there's nothing much I
> actively dislike. Pete's system, OTOH, includes stuff like _euohfv_,
> which makes French look downright stunning by comparison.

You think that's bad? the ASCII transcription of Ebisedian is worse.
Unconsciably ugly, as Jesse Bangs says. :-) As an example, take the
following text:

        tww'ma esa'ni erosa'ni t3
                zota' katou' ke.
                zota' cutou' ce.
                zota' rotou' re.
                keve ta'ma ebu' n3 Ta'l3n di gh3'.
                my'nac3 katui' ke.
                my'nac3 cutui' ce.
                my'nac3 rotui' re.
                Ta'lin. kil3 icu'ro bis33'di.

For a comparison, see the "correct" Roman orthography here:


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