Brought to you in part by Sluggy Freelance.
1. employment
I seek employment if my liver will not burst from it.

2. relative (person related to you, that is)
Relatives are stereotyped as being evil.

3. offense
I don't know how he could possibly take offense from a simple greeting,
but he left in a huff.

4. to discourage
That discourages me because it may lose me my job.

5. monkey
We have our very own trickster monkey god here. Should I be happy or

6. to disappoint
I fear that I have disappointed everyone else with an interesting nickname.

7. hammer
Argh. I just tripped over a hammer and landed on my nose.

8. pattern
The carpet has a pretty floral pattern on it.

9. annoyance
Sweeping the floor is a minor annoyance.

10. whisper
He strains to hear a whisper who refuses to hear a shout.

Mr. Mills, I am glad I could be of service.