Garth Wallace wrote:
> Isn't the count suffix "-ban" always required for ordinals?

Not always.  For example, "chapter two" is _dainika_, World War One and
World War Two are, respectively, _daiichiji sekai taisen_ and _dainiji
sekai taisen_, literally "number-one-order world big-war" and
"number-two-order world big-war", "third party" (in the sense of an
individual) is _daisansha_, there's also an adverb _daiichi ni_ "first,
first of all, above all else", e.g., _Mazu daiichi ni kenkou ni ki o
tsukenakereba narimasen_ "One should take care of one's health *above
all else*"

The -ji in the WW1 and WW2 words can apparently be used without any
other affixes, too, my dictionary gives an example "niji shiken", "the
second examination"

> Also, does "dai-" mean "great" here?

No, different kanji.

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