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>> >ii) if so, do the Chinese have a special term for the ship-types
>> >we westerners call "junks"
>>     Cantonese, Mandarin, or Hakka, etc. ??? There are many regionalects
>to choose from... esp'ly along the coast and along the big river systems.
>Any for which you know the answer! :-)

    Cantonese [ _gwong dung wa_] (simple Romanization):

        junk, Chinese boat - _faan suen_

        boat - _suen_

        deck of ship - _gaap ban_

        deck of cards - _pe paai_

        game - _yau hei_

        to gamble - _do bok_

        guitar - _git ta_

        "Careful!" - _Yan jue!_

        gun - _cheung_

    hehe ;)

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 _junk_ : Chinese boat [obsolete French _juncque_ <= Portuguese _junco_ <=
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