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> En réponse à Andreas Johansson :
> >g0miileg0's orthography isn't among the most aesthetically appealing I've
> >seen, but beyond the use of "0" as a letter there's nothing much I actively
> >dislike. Pete's system, OTOH, includes stuff like _euohfv_, which makes
> French
> >look downright stunning by comparison.
> I remark nobody mentioned Maggel yet :))) . Or do people find its
> orthography actually beautiful? ;))))

Having not seen much actual text in Maggel, it's hard to offer much of a
judgement, but from various single words you've cited on this list, my
impression is that it's not exactly beautiful, but not exactly ugly either.

This of the look on a page - when considered as an orthographic system, it's,
depending on my mood, appealingly or appalingly atrocious.