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 > I'm adding a modicum of sanity this time. Well, not exactly sanity,
but at
 > least it isn't the end of the world.

At least it's a start.  I'll have to jump at this rare occasion.


 > 1. dull
 > A dull knife cuts no cheese.

U cuoder hefte nau sega un caesu.
[@ 'ku@d@r heft no se:g @ gajz]

 > 2. muscle
 > The cheese sculptor creates a figure with bulging muscles.

Is xuotur nys caesu faege an fihura cun muscli tuwindes.
[i 'Su@t@r ny kajz fajg @m pi'hu:r gum 'muSkli du'vindz]

 > 3. floor
 > Its cheesy robes brush the floor.

Su toha caesé tange en huwu.
[su do:x gE'ze: taNg en 'u:v]

 > 4. cloth
 > The robes almost seem to be made of real cloth--silk and linen and

Ja toha fre paere facta vere ni tela.
[j@ do:x fre pajr faxt ve:r ni de:l]

 > 5. white
 > The cheese for the robes is a pure white mozarella, whereas the skin is
 > made of a creamy cheddar.

Is caesu nys toha ix pura mozarella auba, cun ja cuede ix facta
ni cheddar moele.

[i kajs ny to:x iS pu:r vAz@'rel awb  kun j@ gy@d iS faxt
  ni 'Sed@r mAjl]

 > 6. to swing
 > The robe is so thin that it swings in a breeze.

Ja toha ix tan tenner ud wehe in ni aura.
[j@ do:x iS tan 'denn@r u ve:C in ni awr]

 > 7. awkward
 > The expression of the cheddar hero is the awkward embarrassment of
 > needing to visit the lavatory.

Is vuodu nys cerle caesé ix ja puzur coege nys unu, ci eje vare
id oerdel.
[i vu@d ny kErl kE'ze: iS j@ 'bu:z@r kAjg nyz u:n  ki e:j va:r
id 'ard@l]

 > 8. to entertain
 > The careful carving of the sculptor entertains the sort of people who
 > memorize games of chess.

Id oeber diginde nys xuotur licta taele nus loedi, ci mewoeran
nus luzi xac.

[id 'Ajb@r di'gind ny 'Su@t@r liCt tajl n@s 'lAjdi  ki me'vAjr@
n@s 'lu:zi Sax]

 > 9. dot
 > A dot appears on the hero's nose, spoiling his beauty with a wart.

A maugul paere in nasu ys cerle ed corrumbe su nustade ni fruga.
[a 'vawg@l pajr in na:s y kErl ek kAr'rumb su nuS'ta:d ni bru:g]

 > 10. fly
 > The dot is a fly that decided to breathe its last by defiling a piece of
 > art.

Ja maugul ix a musca, cae degerne violare un ardivigun.
[j@ 'vawg@l iS @ vuSk  ke de'gErn vi'la:r @n ,ardi'vi:g@]

I have not the slightest idea what this "breathe one's last"
is supposed to mean, so I left it untranslated.

-- Christian Thalmann