I'm in the process of choosing what to do as my year paper, and a nice
topic has cropped up, offered by my tutor with whom I did the Tundra
Nenets fieldwork. He suggests I treat on formal (phonological,
morphological rather than semantic) aspects of reduplication in any
language (in an Optimality Theory or similar framework), so I need a
relatively well-described language with some nice reduplicaions (not of
the Indonesian type, I mean, rather of the Latin, but hopefully more
complex). Does anyone know what languages have nice, devilishly complex
:-) reduplications, and preferably have them nicely described? Also
remember I'm in Russia, so if a book is newer than 1996 or thereabouts,
it's in all probability not in our libraries... :-(

Thank you, folks.


Why not Hawaiian, or Samoan, or one of those?  They have lots of reduplication, with lots of variants, *and* phonemic vowel length.  Also, most everything written on it was done thirty years ago.